08 December 2016

Christmas Selection Box

Hello Christmas Lovers!  Well I hope that's what you are, because if you are here you might well know that I fall very happily into that category.  And like most things in my life, I can't help but feel that it's something that is only enhanced by adding a little crafty touch.

I've had fun adding a few yarny extras to my Christmas over the years and I thought I might share a little round up of my crafty Christmas makes and patterns that can be made as a treat for you, your home or those you hold dear enough to craft for.

I hope there's something there that will tickle your fancy.  I included a mix of different types of projects and also a mix of patterns that are available to buy and ones that are completely free.
It's a kind of crocheter's selection box!


Granny's Christmas Tree Skirt
This is one of my absolute favourite Christmas makes.
I have one at home, I made one for my sister and my Mum has one too.  Best of all you can make it in which ever colour suits your Christmas style best.

Candy Stripe Stocking and Twinkle Toe Socks
You get two for the price of one here.  First of all a colourful and cute stash busting stocking to hang above the fire or fill with gifts.  Then a snuggly treat for cold Christmas toes, perfect for lounging in.

Golden Flakes of Snow
I only popped these up on the blog earlier in the week but worth mentioning here because a snowflake is a perennial favourite and in gold they make such beautiful decorations.  

Twinkler Stars
These are fun and so easy and quick to make.
I used these as little present toppers last year and they looked so cute.

: :   GIFTS   : :

As a major mitt junkie I think they make the perfect crafty present.  Beautiful, always useful and a small enough project to undertake for the last minute Christmas rush!

Zingtastic Mitts
Love and adore the colours and puffy warmth of these mitts.
You could easily make them in one colour or stash bust some scraps alway by stripping like I did.

Cherry Basket
I love these mitts because that baskety stitch is just so snuggly and warm.
I couldn't resist adding beautiful cherries to my original pattern, but I've since made versions that just make use of that warm waffly basket all the way up too.

Mary Mary Mitts
These are a nice and quick little mitt to make, especially if you stick to one colour as I did here.
I've been wearing these over the last few weeks and they add such a pretty touch to my fitted jacket.

Stripy Mitts
These are a bit of a blog favourite, probably because they have a bit of a winning combo of pretty colours and cute buttons.  It doesn't hurt that is a completely free written pattern and there's a photo tutorial too!

: :   NOT MITTS!   : :

Occasionally I make something that isn't a pair of mitts and so I pulled a couple of other nice and simple crafty gift ideas that make pretty presents and won't take you forever and a day to complete.

Cherry Topper
Made to go with my Cherry Basket Mitts, this little hat has a matching cherry and comes in children's and adult sizes.  I just wish I could carry off a hat and still look as cute as DD does!

Strawberry Scissor Keeper
This is an excellent gift for a fellow crafter because it's cute and it's practical.  It helps keep track of those pesky scissors which have a habit of drifting off and it makes a great little pincushion for your yarn needle too.  In fact, if you haven't got one yourself, make this a gift to you.

Going to Wales Scarf
This is a slightly larger project, but as it only uses one skein of 100g sock yarn and is nice and simple two row pattern repeat it's easy to get into a rhythm and whip one up in a flash.  It's easy to adapt if you want to use a bigger yarn for a chunkier finish too.

: :

S x



06 December 2016

Feeling Flaky!

How's your Christmas spirit doing?  Are you feeling it yet?

I have to say I'm getting into it rather nicely this time, which feels good as I've felt a little lacking at this time in the last couple of years.  After a bit of a decorating marathon, the tree is now up and the house has been generally and generously sprinkled with Christmassiness.

I just wish I didn't feel in quite such a daze at the moment.  I don't know if I'm tired or coming down with some lurgy or other but I feel like I don't know if I'm coming or going.  Just as well that I've planned myself as relaxed a Christmas as I possibly can.  I do have cards to write and presents to wrap, but I normally find that rather fun.


We are the ones hosting this year so there is the small matter of a Christmas meal to plan and organise of course but school holiday starts early for us this year and hubs has decided to take a few days off in the run up too, so I'll have lots of lovely help.  So I think (hope) it's all under control...

I've also noticed the weather has also turned it up a notch in the last few days.  Most definitely colder and much more wintery than autumnal around these parts now.  I've very much enjoyed autumn this year and I'm sad to leave it behind, but suppose it's only right as we come to the end of the year.

Not that we're likely to get any snow for Christmas.  It's rare for us in Blighty to get an appropriately Christmas card style snowfall, but just once wouldn't it be lovely to wake up Christmas morning to a blanket of the white stuff?  I'm sure there must be somewhere in the world where that happens?  Does it happen where you live?

Anyway, as the weather probably won't perform for me, I'm going to manufacture my own.

I made these snowflakes a couple of years ago for one of my favourite magazines and I think it's high time I made some more.

They make beautiful decorations for the tree or around the house.  I've used golden ones on my tree and pure white ones to hang on my mantle and in the windows.  They also make really pretty present toppers...

I thought you might like to have a go yourselves, so I've uploaded the pattern for you to try.
There are four different designs to choose from and I've included a couple of little tips to help you too.

And just to get the Christmas spirit going nicely, it's also completely free!





Sandra Paul

Written pattern
UK Crochet Terms



S x



01 December 2016

Podcast Episode 21

Episode 21 Ravelry Thread

Show Notes

: :   WHAT I'M WEARING   : :

A proto design called 'Peachy Geometric' for now...
Ravelry Page

: :   SWAPLESS SWAP   : :

Havirland Minis Swapless Swap

Get 10 lovely 40 yard minis from Havirland Yarns
See thread linked below for all details...

Ravelry Sign Up Thread

Havirland on Etsy

: :   DOING   : :

Goblins in Aberfoyle Cardigan
Ravelry Page

Pattern: Aberfoyle by Joanne Scrace
Yarn:  Sparkle Sock in Goblin Dance by A Homespun House
and Oak Sock in Petal Pink by Herbstblatt Regina

: :   DONE   : :

Dark Sprinkles Mitts
Ravelry Page

Pattern:  None, I just casted 46 sts and knit!
Yarn: Superwash 100% Merino DK in Grey Pop Fizzle by Kate Selene

Santa's Socks Christmas Bag

Mitts for Friends
Ravelry Page

Yarn:  Rowan Amby Butler Belle Organic Cotton
Pattern: Winter Fanfare Wrist Warmers by Drops Yarn

Box O Sox
Paignton in January
Skeddadle in February
My Socks in March
Sweet Like Honey in April
An extra pair of My First Socks
Pixies in May
Refreshing in June
Cocktail Party in July
Tulsi in August
Head over Heels in September
Bubblegum Waffle in October
Blueberry Pancakes in November

Still to come...

Happy Scrappy Stripes in December

Which I'll make for the #AdventSocksKAL
that I'm doing with Sam from Betsy Makes

You're all very welcome to join us!

: :   PIP's   : :

Getting Ziggy

Out now

UK and US versions available!

There's also an introductory 20% discount running until Tuesday 6th December,
so if you fancy a go at this one, grab it while you can!
For more information see the link above.

Grannie Keep Warm

Pattern:  In progress
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

: :   GOODIES   : :

BFL Sock Yarn in Bookworm
by Molly of A Homespun House

Beautiful Christmas Foliage Bag
by Claire of Birdstreet UK on Etsy

S x



29 November 2016

Getting Ziggy

It's new pattern time!!

I'm quite excited about this one.  More excited than scared this time I think, as I'm really intrigued to see what you think of this one.  I do think it's a little bit different from my usual sort of thing but you know how it is when the yarn speaks to you... You've got to listen to the yarn folks.  

I'm not sure that I've ever spoken about this particular shawl here on the blog.  It's one I think I've only mentioned on the podcast for some unknown reason but I'm glad to be able to show you it now at least.

I got the yarn for this ziggity zagging shawl on my trip to Loop with Sam.  (Worth checking out that last link for my 'how much did I just spend on yarn?' face by the way.)  That was back in March last year and although I wasn't sure straight away exactly what it should be become, this shawl was definitely influenced by the two strongly contrasting shades of this gorgeous Eden Cottage yarn that I picked out.  

I'd been mulling over the idea of a zig zagging type of scarf or shawl but for some reason I have got it fixed in my head that I wanted it to grow from the side and not from the top down as is more usual for shawls.  Which was all very well and good but then I had to find out a way to make that work.

It could have been a bit of a disaster but somehow I came up with a way to make it work that I was really quite pleased with.  That was one problem solved.  The next was to see if I could ever, ever, managed to get it down in writing it a way that anyone else might have a hope of following.

To be honest, there were times when I thought that I probably shouldn't even be attempting it, but I was massively encouraged by some of you lovely lot.  I got some sweet messages from some of you about this shawl of wonky stripes and many of you were eager to give it a try, despite my worries that it might be a bit of a tricky customer.  So I decided to give it a go and get it tested...

And, very happily, it seems to be a success!  Yay! (And phew.)

To give you fair warning, I don't think I can call it an easy pattern.  I've actually rated it as 'advanced' as there are a few customised stitches and some different techniques in there that you wouldn't necessarily come across in the course most day to day crochet.  But having said that, my testers worked through it incredibly smoothly and most of them thought that with the help I've included in the pattern, most intermediate crocheters up for the challenge should be able to give it a go.

Like many patterns, it is only the first couple of sequences where things are getting established that cause us concern, and when those are completed once, it is so much easier the second and third time around.  That's the way it is with this pattern too.

If you think you want to give it a go, I do hope you'll enjoy it, I must admit this is one I'm actually excited to make again myself.  I love my striking contrasts but I really want to try a second, soft and subtle version too.  I was also most inspired by the projects made by my testers, it's so exciting to see the different yarns and colour combinations that get chosen and then enjoy those coming to life too.

Which reminds me of course, that I must also give a very big and huge

THANK YOU! all my lovely Ravelry testers, who provided great feedback and made some beautiful projects.

As usual, I'll do my little introductory discount for you, so if you think it's something you might like to have a go at, then get the pattern now and you can save 20%....


For more pattern details please visit my Getting Ziggy pattern page

or click the link below to buy...

Getting Ziggy Shawl Pattern

US and UK versions available

Introductory Offer:
20% discount 

Offer available until Midnight on Tuesday 6th December 2016 (GMT)

Price reduced & EU VAT added at checkout

I'd love to see how your 'Getting Ziggy' turns out, so please feel free to share...

In my Ravelry Group:

Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner

or around the web:


S x



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